It's a fifty-mile area where you can legally get away with murder or other crimes. It's called the 'Zone of Death,' We first brought you that story four years ago here.  The area is new Yellowstone National Park within the state of Idaho, but since no one lives there, it is impossible to find a jury of your peers per the 6th Amendment.  

Inside Idaho's Zone of Death

An exclusive look inside the area where you can legally get away with murder.

An Idaho Legislator is sponsoring a bill that will bring order to the Zone of Death, reports the Idaho Press.  The bill's sponsor, Rep. Colin Nash, D-Boise, wants the federal government to allow Idaho the ability to seat a judge and jury if there ever is a crime reported in that area. Some officials are concerned about the possibility of kidnappers using the site as a get-out-of-jail-free card.  

If the Zone of Death is eliminated, it will leave a big hole in True Crime fans' minds. The area is one of the most discussed areas within fiction and at law schools throughout the country—no word on whether or not Congress will look into the proposal from our legislature.

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