Converting your home into a short-term rental has recently become one of the most popular side hustles out there and Idahoans are especially cashing in!

Airbnb recently released a news report explaining that people are more often seeking "off-the-beaten-path locations" these days. The top trending search terms on the app right now include tent, yurt, campsite, earth house, houseboat, dome house, farm stay, treehouse, tiny house, and barn. Sounds like Idaho, right?

In 2018 the company reported that the more than 4,400 Idahoans who rent out their homes on Airbnb typically earn about $6,600 each year - that was 3 years ago! Just imagine what these numbers look like in 2021 with both Idaho and Airbnb booming in popularity. Airbnb also noted that hosts are most successful during times when hotels typically sell out. For example, in Boise, this could mean during football season when Boise State is playing at home or for the mountain communities during ski season.

If it's ever crossed your mind how much you could profit from listing your home or guest house on Airbnb, we don't blame you. Airbnb can be lucrative for Idahoans considering we have everything people are looking for during their outdoorsy vacations.

Thanks to an online tool, it's pretty easy to determine how much money you could potentially be pocketing on Airbnb based on your zip code. Listed below are popular Idaho destinations and the average price you could charge and the profit you could make.

  • Boise
    • Daily rate: $100
    • 6 month revenue: $1,892
  • Meridian
    • Daily rate: $164
    • 6 month revenue: $2,804
  • McCall
    • Daily rate: $255
    • 6 month revenue: $1,880
  • Coeur d'Alene
    • Daily rate: $220
    • 6 month revenue: $3,405
  • Sun Valley / Ketchum
    • Daily rate: $222
    • 6 month revenue: $1,237
  • Idaho Falls
    • Daily rate: $97
    • 6 month revenue: $1550

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Valley Village is a tiny home and RV park located in Irwin, Idaho. It's about a five hour road trip from Boise. A stay in one of their "glamping" tents is about $115.

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