It was a sighting that highlights the uniqueness of Boise life. When I saw them, I knew to appreciate the moment in its entirety. Not everyone in the United States of America has the privilege of seeing what I saw ( cough couch Peoria Illinois).
I usually take a walk down the Boise Green Belt just before I start my show. It's a habit I picked up my first night on-air all the way back in 2007.  I entered on to the Greenbelt behind the Falcon Building and started walking towards the Broadway bridge. It didn't take long to see them. There was a small crowd gathered in a semi-circle looking up at a tree. Some people had their camera phone out; some just looked up in awe.
I saw two Bald Eagles perched next to each other on a tree overhanging the river. I remember growing up and hearing about how the Bald Eagle was going extinct. The only live one I had ever seen before this was in a zoo.
Breathtaking, majestic, noble. It was easy to see why this animal represents our country.

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