The Coronavirus pandemic is the worldwide topic of conversation and for good reason. At this point chances are that getting infected is the worst thing that could happen to most of us. As many of you know, Kat from Keke & Kat is doing the show from her house as she has decided to self quarantine. Kat is from Seattle and had been there on vacation, she also went to Washington DC and then started coughing so when we noticed that a drive up test center was set up across the street Keke, Kat, Mateo and myself jumped in the car and drove over to see if she was a candidate. What happened next was very surreal.

Mateo drove all four of us mainly because we thought if one of us is positive we're all positive ( yes we spend that much time together). We pulled into this 3 lane driveway and we were greeted by someone in a full bio hazard suit. At this point our fun and upbeat vibe totally changed, All of a sudden it became real. We drove around a parking structure only to be stopped by another fully suited lab employee who's job was to determine if anyone qualified to be tested. As you now know, Kat qualified and we we're put in a special line, the next few minutes got really quiet and tense in the car. A nurse walked up with instructions and then asked Kat if she was sensitive to pain... at this point everyone in the car got the chills. The truth of the matter is that the test was painless and within 1 minute the nurse had inserted the cotton swab in Kat's nasal cavity and was done. Piece of cake... so if you think you have symptoms please go get tested today.

corona test

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