Sometimes, even the coach can get played. For the first time ever, I think someone either KatFished me or straight played me to get me back for catching guys cheating.

Let me start with this: I matched with this guy on Bumble on Sunday. We messaged a little bit over the course of the day before he asked when we could get together. I gave him a few options and he picked Monday night at 6p. Told me the place, etc. Then sent his phone number. It was late, I sent him one text and went to bed. He wrote back and I didn't text again until I was headed out for the date the next evening.

Now, back story. I've basically always talked to a guy for minimum of a couple weeks before meeting up with them. Not that that's my rule or anything, but it's just worked out that way with a busy schedule and building a rapport with a guy before deciding if I want to meet up. I think this is the first time I've ever done a slight chat for a day and agreed to a meet up.

And there was nothing special about this guy other than that he was hot. Conversation was very meh. Meh at best. I thought "maybe he's bad on text".. I don't know! Your brain makes excuses for red flags when someone is attractive enough.

The other thing: he said he just moved here from Denver but when he sent me his phone number, it was a 208 area code. Why do you have a Boise number if you just moved here? Bizarre, but I overlooked it.

So- I check our Bumble messages as I'm about to leave for the date to make sure I have the place right. Plug it in my GPS, text him that I'm on the way, and drive to the spot. Park, check and see that I don't have a text back from him and walk into the bar/restaurant. There's basically NO ONE in there. Like, he's very clearly not there with just one glance around the spot.

I text again "where ya at", and pull up Bumble again to make sure I wasn't trippin and had the place right. Our message thread is gone. THIS GUY UNMATCHED WITH ME SINCE THE HALF HOUR AGO THAT I HAD CHECKED THE MESSAGE!

In that moment, I knew I was being stood up. I dipped and went to Trader Joe's. Shocked. Text a few of my best friends in total disbelief. Why didn't he just cancel on me if he didn't want to go?? Why did he set the date at all?!

Then reality set in.. I think I got totally KatFished. I think this was a fake profile and someone targeted me!

When I woke up this morning, I had a text from "him" that said "Nothing personal. Just doing a favor." WHAT. DOES. THAT. MEAN. ????? I'm so confused.

The whole thing is confusing. Naturally, I didn't respond. My pride would never allow me to. But seriously, wtf?! Is this a dude trying to get me back for KatFishing cheaters on the air?? Doing a favor for who?

As one girl on Insta wrote to me "this will be the 8th wonder of the world". And maybe she's right. Maybe I'll never know. But one thing I do know is: I'm vetting these guys better before I go on any dates. We're talking facetime and everything before I put any makeup on to go anywhere. I don't trust that anyone is real on dating apps now!