Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher delivered some good news to his fellow Idahoans. The congressman announced on Facebook that he was cancer-free. Fulcher had been fighting renal cancer for the last six months. We first reported on his condition here and here. 

Fulcher credited his faith in God and the prayers from his many supporters for his recovery. The congressman spent time in Washington DC, back home in his district, juggling his many medical treatments. He told us that his medical fight has made him more sensitive to those facing the same or more difficult health challenges.

The congressman traveled across the country on several fact-finding trips before his medical treatments began.  He visited the southern border to investigate the current influx of illegal aliens entering the country illegally.
Before his election to Congress in 2020, Fulcher was the Idaho State Senate Majority Caucus leader; he left that post to challenge then-incumbent Republican Governor Butch Otter in 2014. He narrowly lost the primary to Otter, which eventually led to his election to Congress.

Congressman Fulcher will continue his work in Congress. He is a member of the Freedom Caucus and has appeared with Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Congressman Jim Jordan supporting President Trump.

Congressional experts predict that most members of the House and Senate will begin to return to their districts now that the Continuing Resolution passed Thursday night. If the CR had not passed, the government would've shut down, leading to the country defaulting on its debt and services not being funded.

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