Famous for potatoes? Not anymore, sucka!!

In Idaho, you can slap a license plate on your car showing love for the military, your Alma mater, kids, and of course Idaho potatoes. So why no love for our fur babies? Worry not, pet parents. Times are a changin'.

The Idaho House Transportation & Defense Committee (whew, that's a mouthful) is pushing to launch a pet friendly license plate. The best part? Proceeds will go to the puppies and kitties! More specifically, to help get assistance for pets in low-income households. Also, some of the money would go to animal shelters as well as veterinarians in low-income areas so they can serve pets in need.

The only downside? The plate is atrocious. Like, we're talking Microsoft paint level design right here. But hey, if it's for our fur babies, it's worth it. Even if they do look like they were screenshot from a first-generation Gameboy Color.

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