Marijuana, or "The Weed" as my colleague Kevin Miller likes to call it, is a very controversial topic here in the State of Idaho. For a number of reasons, people continuously go back and forth on whether or not it should be legal--in any capacity--here in the State of Idaho.

Over the last few years, our entire nation has seen a serious shift in the conversation surrounding marijuana. I'm not a smoker myself--and no, I'm not just saying that incase my boss turns me in--I have never FULLY understood all of the drama that surrounds the topic. The further the discussion goes nationwide, however, the more confusion that seems to arise.

If you look at a map of the United States of America, you will see that Idaho is beginning to be entirely surrounded by states that have at least partial legalization of marijuana. It is currently decriminalized in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana. It is medicinally legal in Utah. All of these states touch the Idaho border.

Well, not only is it not legal here in the State of Idaho but now lawmakers are working to make sure that it cannot be advertised here in the state, either.

Take a look at the Oregon and Idaho border and notice all of the Idaho plates coming and going. I have had several friends tell me that the only license plates you see in parking lots at Ontario dispensaries are from Idaho. The secret is clearly out. Would advertising marijuana to Idahoans for area dispensaries in other states even move the needle for them?

The proposed legislation is expected to be fast-tracked through the Senate and the House. According to the lawmakers behind the effort, Idaho bans the advertising of alcohol and cigarettes--so marijuana, meth, and heroin should be included. Who is putting up ads for meth? I digress.

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