I swear I have seen it all. According to a post in Raves and Rants Magic Valley, a thief was caught on camera in Downtown Twin Falls stealing a sign informing people to please pick up after their dog.

Do you recognize this person? Apparently he really needed a sign that said "Please pick up after your dog" because he is caught on camera taking it out of the ground and walking down the street with it.

The post was on September 10th and seriously, this guy just casually walks down the street with a dog poop sign. Twin Falls Downtown business owners may want to be on the look out for this guy. If he wants a dog poop sign who knows what else he might take.

I am being rather presumptuous that this man will steal other things I know. Maybe he did it as a prank and thought it was funny and he isn't a criminal at all. Maybe I should not find this as funny as I do, but come one who takes a dog poop sign. Maybe he needs it for his front yard? I have had plenty of people who walk their dogs in my neighborhood just leave their dog mess in my yard.

You know what, maybe he has a point here. I might need to get me one of those signs for my front yard. I wouldn't steal it from a Downtown business, but maybe I could post them in my front yard with dog poop baggies.

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