Bryan Kohberger, the suspect facing charges for November's quadruple homicide near the University of Idaho, has yet to present a solid alibi for the night of November 12th, 2022. Just weeks ago, we shared with you that his defense presented a statement saying that an alibi would be presented down the road and that his location on the night of the murders would come out in cross-examination.

Up until today, Kohberger's defense has simply said that Kohberger was not at the scene of the crime.

Breaking news as of the afternoon of Thursday, August 3rd, has given the court and the public a glimpse at what angle they may be taking in defending Kohberger at trial.



As you can see from the above court documents, Kohberger's defense is now saying that he had a habit of driving alone--often long distances, at night. At this time, the defense claims, the specific location of Bryan Kohberger on the night of the murders cannot be provided.

May online crime experts are saying that this statement is far too vague to hold up--others continue to remind the public that until proven guilty, Kohberger is innocent.

Kohberger's trial is still scheduled to begin on October 2nd, 2023.

Leaked Video Claims To Capture Idaho Murder Suspect

While at this time, the footage remains in a state of speculation--a lot of the information known about this Idaho case seems to line up well with what has surfaced in this video.

WATCH: Images Capture Murder Suspect's Traffic Stops

Bryan Kohberger and his father were pulled over twice in Indiana while traveling across the country to Pennsylvania from Pullman, Washington.

Body Cam footage is broken down below--keep scrolling for the FULL VIDEO.

More Images of Bryan Kohberger & Idaho Murder Investigation

Recently released body cam footage give the public another new look at Kohberger prior to the November crimes he is facing charges for

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