Ahhh the dream.  The dream of snatching up that Babe Ruth baseball card, or that painting worth hundreds of thousands, or that priceless antique.  We've all heard the stories.  "I grabbed it for a couple bucks at a garage sale."  That's exactly what's going down on Saturday, May 21 at the Expo Center in Garden City.


Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is a one stop shop for dreamers and savers.  Black Friday?  Cyber Monday??  Ha!  For $3 (cash only) the place is all yours.  Hundreds of booths with anything from art, motorcycles, furniture, appliances, toys, etc...


If you're interested in renting a booth, it's only $30.  You pretty much pay for that with your first sale.  And with over 10,000 people shopping, you'll get sale after sale after sale.


When:  Saturday, May 21, 2016

Where:  Expo Center - 5610 Glenwood St.  Garden City, ID  83714

Entrance Fee:  $3 per person (cash only)

Booth Rental Fee:  $30 non-commercial - $200 commercial


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