If this is the main dish you're serving at your Big Game party on Sunday, I'm not coming. 

To be honest, I don't think I've eaten a substantial amount of food at a Big Game watch party in the last four years.  Going to the second weekend of McCall Winter Carnival has become an annual tradition for my husband and I.  Before we head back to Boise, we always stop at Anchor (underneath the Yacht Club) for their legendary brunch.  The biscuits they serve with the build your own omelet meal are so big that I'm normally full for the next 24 hours.

That said, I do love me some football grub...and that's why I'm embarrassed by what my fellow Idahoans are Googling to serve at their Big Game parties this weekend. You'd fully expect people to be looking up recipes for something tailgate worthy like Instant Pot Chicken Wings, Spinach Dips or Chili, right? Well apparently, the Gem State must be taking their New Year's Resolutions very seriously because the #1 food we're Googling for the game this year is salad! REALLY?!

Maybe it's just my personal vendetta against lettuce that makes me hide my head in shame when I read that. (I've had something against the taste of lettuce my entire life. If lettuce even touches something like a Burger King Chicken Sandwich, I can't eat it without gagging.) If this salad is the highlight of your football viewing party this year, I may politely decline the invitation!

How accurate is Google's list? What are YOU excited to serve at your watch party?

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