First is was Boise, then the surrounding areas, and now it's homes surrounding ski slopes.  Californians and folks from out of state are flocking to Idaho's ski resorts in search of their own private Sun Valley or Bogus Basin.  Tamarack Resort at one time written off as a waste is now thriving and looking to expand.  What has caused this resurgence in Idaho's ski homes and resorts?  Published reports indicate that it's remote workers who are tired of the hassle of living in heavily populated areas.  Most folks come to Idaho to enjoy the outdoors. Whether hunting, hiking, fishing, or swimming, the Gem State has a world-class reputation as an outdoor paradise.  

In the Winter, Idaho hosts visitors worldwide who travel to ski from Boise to Sun Valley and a few places in between. The Wall Street Journal reports that another aspect of Idaho's growth is folks who want to live near or ski resorts that don't have overcrowding and long lines.  

Welcome to Schweitzer Mountain in Northern Idaho, where the nearest airport is in Spokane, Washington, and is a 10-12 hour drive from the Treasure Valley. The mountain has over 2,900 skiable acres and is Idaho's largest ski area, says the Journal.

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Like seemingly every livable space in Idaho, Schweitzer has seen more construction and rising home prices. The price of a home has been increased by over 40% within the last year. How big is the town/resort? The village consists of about 700 homes right now, and you have to go into town to pick up your mail.  

Homeowners are signing up to wait over three years for custom homes to be built. The price tag ranges from $550,000 to $950,000.  

An excerpt from the Wall Street Journal story:

What's happening at Schweitzer is happening all over Idaho. The state is in the midst of a ski renaissance. As its resorts expand their ski terrain and add amenities, demand for homes is booming.

"Idaho is attracting people who want a smaller resort experience—the feel that other Western resorts used to offer but don't anymore," says Thomas Wright, president of Summit Sotheby's International Realty.

As more and more folks discover Idaho will we see once private 'resorts' transform into more public getaways? That appears to be the trend as long as folks find Idaho as their destination.  

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