How are we doing as a state? This is where our elected officials get graded ( this is not a political rant ) I'm just saying this is their opportunity to rise to the occasion. They signed up for public service and now we get to see how well they serve their community. We've seen California, New York, Illinois basically shut down in order to get COVID-19 under control and we're waiting to see what results that yields. Should Idaho be next? As of right now we have 80 confirmed cases and that is basically up from 1 in less than 2 weeks. WallettHub did a poll to find out which sates are doing the most and you are going to find the results very interesting and to some it may be downright shocking. See the Wallethub methodology and the results below.

To identify which states are taking the largest actions to combat coronavirus, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 46 key metrics. The data set ranges from tested cases of COVID-19 per capita to school closures, ICU beds, and shelter-in-place policies. Below, you can see highlights from WalletHub’s report, along with a summary of the largest rank changes from our previous report and a Q&A with WalletHub analysts.

States with Most Aggressive MeasuresStates with Least Aggressive Measures
1. California42. Missouri
2. Rhode Island43. South Dakota
3. Maryland44. Nebraska
4. New Hampshire45. Montana
5. New Jersey46. Oklahoma
6. Connecticut47. Arkansas
7. New York48. Idaho
8. Maine49. Tennessee
9. Colorado50. Nevada
10. Louisiana51. Mississippi


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