Here in Boise, I think we've become pretty accustomed to making Top 10 lists. We have a beautiful city, low crime rate, low unemployment rate, lots of outdoor activities, and growth, growth, growth. Overall, life in the Treasure Valley is very good. Which got me thinking, are there any places in Idaho that wouldn't appear on any top 10 list? Where in Idaho is the anti- Boise? After a quick google search, I think I found it, and surprisingly, it's not too far away.

According to Emmit is the worst place to live in Idaho. So why Emmit?

Emmett, Idaho, about 45 minutes north of Boise (without traffic), has some of the highest home vacancy rates and has a higher than normal unemployment rate in the state. Additionally, the income is almost dead last in Idaho.
If commute time is important, Emmett residents have the 3rd longest commute of any residents on our list.

The site also notes:

  • Home Values: $103,600 (4th worst)
    Unemployment Rate: 13.0% (1st worst)

So is Emmit the "Flint Michigan" of Idaho? I don't know, I've never been. I would take all this with a grain of salt, the site referenced didn't seem like they were going to win any awards for investigative journalism.

Other Cities that made the list include

#2 Nampa
#3 Wieser
#4 Payette
#5 Caldwell
#6 Middleton
#7 Jerome
#8 Rupert
#9 Burley
#10 Pocatello

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