I'm pretty sure these are my top-10 Jay-Z bangers of all time. He has so many great songs that I struggle to put a list together, but since it's his 50th birthday I had to do it.

1. "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)"

2. "99 Problems"

3. "Excuse Me Miss"

4. "Change Clothes"

5. "Dear Summer"

6. "Run This Town"

7. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"

8. "Forever Young"

9. "Empire State of Mind"

10. "Ni--as in Paris"

It's the least I could do since on his birthday, we the fans get the real gifts. I say gifts because his music (all of it) is officially back on Spotify. Yes, there we're some Jay-Z / Linkin Park and Jay-Z /R.Kelly songs available but now we get the entire catalog. We know that when Jay-Z  bought Tidal his music disappeared from Spotify but remained on Tidal's other competitors. We don't know what prompted the return but I'm glad it's back.

Now on to the other important Jay-Z news, it's his birthday!!! Let me start by saying congrats!!! Jay, you have used your 50 years on this planet better than most. If you're reading this and thinking to yourself... What is Mikey talking about, here are a few of his accomplishments:

*Founded Rocafella records after he was unable to land a deal with a major label.

*Sold 100 million records

*Has the most #1 albums by a solo artist

*Is the only rapper to be inducted into the songwriter hall of fame

*Won 22 Grammy's

*Included in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest artist list.

*Became the first official Hip Hop Billionaire


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