June marks the official month for Pride all across the United States and even right here in the Treasure Valley, celebrating the diversity and acceptance of all in our community no matter their sexual orientation or preference. I think it's a really beautiful time of the year not just because of the emphasis on acceptance, but because as the movement has grown over the years, so too has the meaning of "pride".  Every year, I feel like that term, while rooted in acceptance of diverse sexuality, morphs a little more into an OVERARCHING message of just accept everyone-- gay or straight, black, brown, or white-- no matter what.

It's a spirit of love that our world could use more of from time to time.

You may notice downtown Boise has hung some pride flags on light posts leading up to the Idaho Capitol Building and as Pride WEEK approaches, we here at KISS FM are excited to join the movement, the events, and the fun!

As events come near, we will be sure to keep you in the loop on where to find us and what to join-- until then, lets spread a little extra love across the Treasure Valley this month. It's easy to just be an ally to those who too often are marginalized for just being themselves.

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