A woman is furious — and exhausted — after her husband refused to watch their baby so she could catch up on some sleep just because it was his day off from work.

Sharing her situation on parenting forum Mumsnet, the sleepy mom explained that she was up all night with their fussy baby and was desperate for some rest. Meanwhile, her husband spent the night "happily snoring away on the sofa."

"We finally settled down at 4:30[AM]. She's just awaken [sic] ... This morning, I've just asked him if he can have her a couple of hours so I can go back to sleep," the exhausted mom wrote.

The woman's husband "said no" as he was on vacation for the week. He told her to treat the situation like it were a typical Monday, as he would normally be at work and unavailable to help at home anyway.

"So I need to treat it like he isn't here," the woman explained, adding she's already "resentful over [my husband's] leave as all my leave is taken up for [my daughter's] [holidays], but he said that's fine as I don't work Mon and Wednesdays (albeit still have [my daughter] on these days)."

In the comments section, Mumsnet users sided with the tired mom, calling the husband "nasty" and "selfish."

"What the f---! He's a selfish, nasty p---k. Leave your [daughter] with him and go to bed. Is he normally this abusive?" one user wrote.

"What a selfish idiot. I'd go out and leave your [daughter] with him," another commented.

"I can't quite fathom his reason for not helping because he's on leave but wouldn't normally be there. But he is there! He sounds like a lazy, useless arse who needs to pull his finger out and do some parenting," someone else wrote.

"If he's on leave, that should make it EASIER for him to support his wife and child........when do you get your annual leave from Mondays and Wednesdays?" another asked.

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