A mom is furious after her daughter was not allowed to join her school choir for apparent lack of talent.

The enraged mother shared her situation on parenting forum Mumsnet, writing that her 11-year-old daughter was "upset" and "sad" about being a "bad singer."

Now, her daughter doesn't want "to see her music teacher" ever again as she is "too embarrassed" about being told she isn't a good singer.

"[She] tried out for the school choir which is done by audition so obviously she was aware there was some kind of judging involved and so was I, but I do think rejecting a year 7 [from] something they are interested in trying is harsh, especially when it's hard enough for year 7s," the woman wrote via Mumsnet.

The mom argued that any child who is "interested" in choir should be allowed to join, and it shouldn't be solely based on talent.

"When kids are all singing in a group they do sound the same anyway. Obviously maybe solos could be kept for the particularly talented but I'm honestly just a bit sad and even annoyed," she continued.

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Users in the comments section bluntly disagreed with the woman, suggesting that this was a hard lesson the daughter had to learn.

"I have an awful voice and no way should I be allowed to ruin a choir however much I want to join. I was pretty much told at primary school I was too bad ... which I was," one person wrote.

"Auditions are to pick the best singers. Sorry but it's a life lesson. She can't be good at everything," another commented.

"Rejection is a part of life, and it's a very valuable lesson. We can't always get what we want because we want it. This is when we learn to accept defeat or decide to try again. Your daughter could take vocal lessons or practice on her own until auditions come around again," someone else suggested.

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