A character performer at Shanghai Disneyland had quite the costume malfunction during a parade.

A now viral video shows the character, Clawhauser, from the Disney movie and television franchise, Zootopia, needing assistance from cast members to get out of the parade path after his costume deflated. One cast member is seen holding up his head to have some sort of a semblance of normalcy while another one cleared the pathway to help them get backstage.

Disney has not released a statement about the malfunction but it seems as though that something either malfunctioned or was broken which caused the costume to inflate to create the larger than life cheetah form to take shape in the costume's upper-half from his head to torso region.

The video was originally posted by X (formerly Twitter) user @pomemaru_d who posted a brief 1-second clip before another point of view emerged from the moment via YouTube. This portion of the parade is considered the pre-parade. The parade takes place in the Gardens of Imagination, which is near the City of Zootopia land at the theme park.

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Watch the moment from two points of view, below.

You can also see a visual of what the character is supposed to look like in the parade, below, in addition to the Audio Animatronic figure of the character that is featured in the queue for the Zootopia: Hot Pursuit ride.

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