If you believed your neighbor's partner was cheating on them, would you tell them?

A woman suspects her neighbor is cheating on his wife, but the internet has warned her to mind her own business.

Posting on the popular parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman explained she recently noticed an unidentified woman spending time with her married neighbor.

"I have found out that one of our neighbors appears to be having an affair," she wrote in her post.

"He is married with a child. We don't really know one another, although I know his and his wife's names. I don't know the woman I saw him with. I don't know whether to post an anonymous note to his wife or not," she wrote, adding that she feels triggered due to her own past experience with infidelity.

"I also don't know if my own experience is affecting my judgment. Years ago, one of my neighbors tried telling me my own husband was having an affair. She didn't do it directly, and I didn't catch on," she continued.

"It was only later, when I found out about his affair, that I realized what she had been trying to tell me. I felt grateful she had tried to intervene," the woman concluded.

While the woman may have been grateful for her own experience, in the comments section, Mumsnet users unanimously urged her to "stay out of" her neighbors' affairs — literally.

"Personally, I'd stay out of it. It's nothing to do with you," one person commented.

"I'd mind my own business," another wrote.

"Did you see them in the act? If not, an affair's a big leap for someone you know nothing about. It's not your concern," someone else shared.

"I'd mind my own business," another user weighed in.

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