A woman on Reddit has found herself slowly retreating from her relationship with her boyfriend due to his money woes.

"I want to preface by saying that I have never been the type of woman who cares about money. I have a good paying job myself and am currently going to school, saving to buy a house, etc. My boyfriend is a great guy but I have been starting to feel less and less attracted to him. He’s constantly complaining about being broke, how expensive things are, how he’s low on money," she wrote on Reddit.

He bought her flowers one time, but then made a comment about how "flower shops are expensive" and that he should learn to make his own bouquets, which left her feeling unappreciated.

"On my birthday, he offered to take me shopping. We get to the mall, I pick out some things and when it’s time to pay he doesn’t pull his wallet out or give any indication of wanting to pay for the things he supposedly offered to pay for, so I took my card out and paid myself. Then one time he offered to pay for my nails, drove me 20 minutes to the nail studio and right before I’m about to get out of his car he tells me he can’t pay for them because he has bills to pay," she continued.

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The woman's boyfriend also often complains about going out to dinner together because it's too expensive, and can't even afford to buy her a cup of coffee.

"All of this is just starting to become extremely unattractive to me… I feel like at his age or this point in his adulthood he should be able to manage his money better. I have goals, I have a future and it’s really hard for me to feel attracted to someone who’s constantly complaining of being broke," she explained.

Now, due to his lack of "ambition" to obtain financial stability, she doesn't see a future with her broke boyfriend.

"I feel like I deserved to be 'wined and dined,' spoiled, whatever you want to call it without being told how expensive or how broke they are when they’re the ones who offered in the first place. I don’t even know how to communicate any of this to him without sounding like a gold digger but I shouldn’t feel bad, it’s embarrassing for him to even offer things he can’t follow through with in the first place," she concluded.

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Users rallied behind the woman, with many suggesting she dump her boyfriend.

"I think he feels like he can trick you by saying 'I will buy it for you,' then gets you to pay for it. Ya, time for a different partner," one person wrote.

"Sounds like he wants you to pay for everything, even the stuff he offers to buy you. I would be sick of hearing that. Any bets that he has money socked away, and doesn’t want you to know about it? Sorry, but he sounds like a loser," another commented.

"It ALL sounds like a 'bait and switch.' He went all in at first. Then he confuses you and tries to make you feel like you’re entitled by inviting you for a shopping trip or nails, and puts you in a position where you either speak up and give him the opportunity to call you spoiled/entitled or see if you just shut up and put up the cash. It’s a test and he wants to make you feel like he was generous and now it’s your turn, indefinitely, but don’t you dare speak up about how this is unfair. It’s gross. Get out," someone else chimed in.

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