Embrace Idaho'sIdaho's Scenic Drives: A Road Tripper'sTripper's Paradise

Hey Idahoans! We're fortunate to live in a state that offers some of the best scenic drives in the country. Whether you're a Gen Z adventurer or a Baby Boomer seeking scenic views, there's something for everyone on Idaho's open roads.

Did you know that most North Americans absolutely love road trips? Mazda USA put together a survey, and here are some of the results. A whopping 93% enjoy hitting the road, and nearly 70% of people plan a summer road trip in 2024. Idaho is the perfect place to join this trend, thanks to our diverse landscapes and picturesque routes.

Those of you who enjoy bonding time will be happy to hear that Gen Z is 13% more likely to love road trips for exactly that reason. If adventure is your thing, Millennials are right there with you, being 9% more likely to hit the road for new experiences. And let's not forget the Baby Boomers, who are 14% more likely to enjoy the scenic views and flexibility that road trips offer.

Speaking of scenic views, Idaho has no shortage of them. From the Sawtooth National Recreation Area to the stunning drive along Highway 12, there's an endless array of breathtaking routes to explore. Plus, with cost savings being a big factor (46% of people cite it as a reason for their love of road trips), these drives offer affordable adventures that won't break the bank.

So, pack up your car, gather your family and friends, and set out on one of Idaho's many beautiful road trips. You won't regret exploring the natural beauty that our great state has to offer. Safe travels!

Best scenic drives in Idaho

It's time to hit the road—Stacker compiled a list of the best scenic drives in Idaho using data from Tripadvisor as of March 2024.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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