When deciding where to live in a new state, one of the most important factors is how safe the area is. It's easy to overlook, especially when looking at all of the positive things about your new prospective home.

Washington is the place to be!

Many people talk about the influx of people moving to Idaho or how many people are exiting California to other places. One of the more popular states that people seem to be moving to is none other than Washington.


As Washington's population continues to rise and really, with any steady growth in a state, an unfortunate side effect that comes with it is crime.

Now, look - we get it: bad things can happen anywhere.

Using data from real estate site Movoto, we are counting down the top ten most dangerous cities in the state of Washington.

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The categories we'll be looking at include population, murders per person, violent crimes per person, property crimes per person, total crimes per person, and chance of crime.

Are you thinking about moving to one of these cities? Do you know someone who lives in one of them already? Please give them a heads-up and tell them to stay aware of their surroundings!

10 Most Dangerous Cities in the State of Washington

Live in or traveling to Washington? Be aware of your surroundings in the most dangerous areas in Washington avv

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of crime, our colleague compiled a list of items that people are stealing the most in the state of Washington. Like we said - stay safe and aware out there!

The 10 Most Frequently Stolen Items in Washington State

According to the 2022 Crime in Washington report, these are the 10 items that thieves want to steal from you the most.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

It's not just items - protect your vehicles too!

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Washington

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's most recent "Hot Wheels" auto theft report, these were the 10 vehicles that thieves helped themselves to the most in Washington. The most recent data available reflects cars stolen in 2022. We expected the numbers from 2023 to be released sometime this fall.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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