So, apparently people are just up and leaving Utah and moving to Idaho instead (as well as other states). That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you (or most Idahoans) because we’ve had such a massive influx of people. What’s really interesting, however, are the reasons WHY people might be deciding to leave Utah...

Do you agree with these reasons or are they bogus? 👇

There’s a recent article from Money Pop that shares a list of states Americans no longer want to live in, and they claim those who are moving, “are moving on to greener pastures.” I couldn’t find Idaho on the list, but Utah was featured on the list not just once, but twice!

  1. Utah Doesn’t Have Job Opportunities

Money Pop says...

“Utah is actually a popular retirement location, with its national parks and snowcapped mountains. That being said, the state has a difficult time keeping its younger residents. Both job opportunities have been cited as reasons for 65 percent of outbound moves, while another reason is the rising house prices.”

  1. There’s Nothing to Do in Utah

Money Pop says...

“Utah is an interesting state when it comes to retirement. In most categories, the state ranks somewhere in the middle, making it a viable option. However, it’s the culture category that really tanks the rankings for this state. What are you going to do there?”

It appears they might be specifically referring to retired folks, but even then, my personal opinion is these reasons are bogus haha! I’m not even a fan of Utah, in fact, I don’t really like it there... But there are definitely jobs and “things to do” in Utah!

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