Fall is finally here in Idaho! For now... as Fall tends to be a fairly short season around here. Winter is right around the corner which means the days of us being able to take our dogs out for a nice long walk without our nostrils freezing together are coming to a close.

It’s time to take advantage of the short window we have to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors, amazing foods, comfy clothes, and really fun outdoor activities. The best part about Fall is being able to spend more time with our four-legged best friends!

When it comes to spending time with our dogs, we often think about taking them for walks, or to a dog park. But there are a lot of other creative ways to have fun with your dogs, too.

Keep scrolling for 8 Fun Things You Can Do with Your Dogs Here in Idaho This Fall, as well as a list of all the dogs in the Boise area currently available for adoption 👇

8 Fun Things to Do with Your Dogs in Idaho This Fall

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Here are 45+ dogs that are currently available at the Idaho Humane Society 👇

Enjoy Fall in Idaho with a New Furry Best Friend! (West Valley Humane Society)

Here are 35+ dogs that are currently available at the West Valley Humane Society 👇

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