If you've ever been out for a night on the town in a major city like New York or Los Angeles, you would probably agree that downtown Boise is one of the cleanest and safest for going out.

Are there drunken shenanigans from time to time? Of course, but that's everywhere. But how is the nightlife in Boise?

Boise Nightlife

Let's be honest: going out in Boise isn't much different than anywhere else, except for the number of people you'll see. Then there's the amazing weather, and then there's the fact that you can walk almost anywhere... it's clean.

Come to think of it - going out in Boise is pretty awesome and a lot better than most places.

Or is it?

Some people have a bone to pick with Boise's nightlife and honestly, some of the things said could have stemmed from having one bad experience.

On the other hand, we sometimes have to accept that some people will always be miserable. Those same people thrive on giving bad reviews or commenting on their pages with something negative.

And look - perhaps some of the bad things people say about Boise's nightlife is accurate. We weren't there for some of the experiences you're about to see, and maybe Boise nightlife is just that bad.

On the other hand, these reviews could also be petty to the point that we should be ashamed; ashamed for not being grateful for a nightlife that is so vibrant in Boise.

What do you think? Are these reviews petty or spot on?

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