Fall is slowly inching its way into our lives and Halloween is certainly taking over stores in the Treasure Valley. Do you know what you are going to be yet? Some favorite costumes are when it is more than just a costume but when the person encompasses the character fully. While many have tried it few have been able to do it as spot on and successfully as a local Boise Sportscaster back in 2013. This is so funny, so brilliant and so well done that it is worth bringing back to the light.

Idaho sports director Paul Gerke presented the news as Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy from Anchorman. The key wasn't his perfect costume including the mustache but what made this into perfection that has not been outdone yet, is that Paul never broke character and never cracked up, even though everyone around him was.

The bit got so much national attention that Paul was invited to a talk show to meet the 'real' Ron Burgundy - Will Farrell. Paul will forever go down in Boise Halloween history for this brilliant and hilarious Halloween prank.

So how can this be topped? What characters would you like to see brought to life here locally? I feel like the Boise area could do some Yellowstone characters proud. Is there a badass Beth out there? Maybe a hunky and hot headed Rip?

Comment below what characters you would like to see portrayed by your favorite local media to bring in the haunted holiday. Keep scrolling for more Halloween inspiration.

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