Independence Day is quickly approaching and Nampa police are taking to social media to remind people of the double-edged sword that plagues us all this time of year.

Keep it on the ground!

Nampa police are reminding the public of the self-conflicting law on aerial fireworks.

"For starters, it is not illegal to purchase or possess aerial fireworks. It is illegal to actually light them off," Nampa police shared before pointing out the obvious.

"We know... It’s silly and it is also nearly impossible to enforce."

The contradicting laws on aerial fireworks offer a temptation for everyone out there - sure, you can buy them... but don't set them off in Idaho - especially in the front yard! The fire risk is real and when you consider the unpredictability of aerial fireworks in undeveloped parts of the Treasure Valley, it makes a lot of sense.

According to Idaho legislation, if you're busted you'll get tagged with a misdemeanor and we'd like to believe our police have better things to do than mess with illegal fireworks.

Speaking of better things to do...

Nampa police are also letting the public know that noise complaints, while annoying, will not be urgent enough to respond to right away:

While the noise is hard to put up with and frustrating, noise complaints are not an urgent response and are low on the priority list if other calls are coming in or pending.

Their focus is keeping people safe and reminding people to avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. We all might be thinking that's obvious but it still has to be said:

On the 4th of July, we are still handling the day-to-day calls, emergency and non-emergency. We are also dealing with higher alcohol consumption, which often leads to higher law enforcement calls. And also remember most people are not working on the holiday, which could also lend to more calls, simply because they are home or out recreating.

The point of all this?

Let's do what we can to give our officers a break this Independence Day and most importantly, keep everyone safe. Check out their full post below:

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