35 ACRES just off Kuna Mora Road in Kuna. This property is truly a dream for anyone who wants to "escape the city" and hunker down in the middle of nowhere.

Intermountain MLS
Intermountain MLS

This is a 3-bedroom, 2.5+ bathroom home with 2,840 square feet of space on a 35-acre lot in Kuna, and it's currently listed at $1,649,000. Yes, the 35-acres is amazing, but it's what the property is next to that makes this home even more amazing...

The property is right next to a Birds of Prey national wildlife area that is protected by law, which means for many, many years to come the owner's of this home will be able to guarantee privacy and no new neighbors moving in.

Can you even put a price on that? That's like gold around here, considering so many people are moving to these parts of Idaho.

Another amazing thing about this home is the views, which the home's listing describes as, "million dollar views in all directions." They go on to say the views, "make this property a wonderful escape from the hectic city life yet just minutes to Kuna shopping, schools and restaurants."

Intermountain MLS
Intermountain MLS

There's more, too, check out the 15 pictures below! The main focus for this home, though, is the privacy and location. It truly is a very private retreat in Kuna with amazing views and a lot of space... with a "no new neighbors" guarantee!

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