Are you even an Idahoan if you don’t own a gun? Kidding. Kinda. I really feel like everyone here has guns… and it’s somewhat of a must if you live in Idaho. Turns out it’s not just a feeling or a theory — it’s a fact — Idaho is in the Top 10 states for having the most gun purchases per person.

24/7 Wall St. recently published a list of all 50 states and where they rank in regard to having the most gun purchases per person. They said...

“Americans have more guns than anywhere else in the world, and gun sales in the U.S. continue to eclipse those in any other country. This is true both in terms of absolute sales and gun ownership by person. The fact that both measures are true is staggering. America, without any question, is the gun sales and gun ownership capital of the world.”

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So, where does Idaho rank?

Out of all 50 states, Idaho is #7 on that list!

Here’s what 24/7 Wall St. shared about Idaho...

> Firearm background checks Jan-July 2022: 78.6 per 1,000 (137,864)

> Firearm background checks Jan-July 2021: 95.5 per 1,000 (7th most)

> Change in background checks, first seven months year-to-date: -29,608 (-17.7% — 15th smallest decrease)

> Population: 1,754,367 (12th smallest)

The information was gathered by 24/7 Wall St. using FBI data and looking into gun background checks (in the first seven months of the year) per 1,000 people by state.

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