I’ve lived in Idaho my entire life, so I’ve definitely heard the word “Idahome” tossed around like crazy.

It’s a trending hashtag for Idaho on Instagram and Twitter. But, not not only is it a popular hashtag, it’s also a really popular word for Idaho merchandise too. You will see it on anything that can be created and sold. (Shirts, signs, tattoos, mugs etc.)

But did you know this is an actual town in Idaho?!

Idahome, Idaho (pictures below), founded in 1916, is a little town in Cassia County, Idaho. According to Wikipedia, “Idahome is located along Idaho State Highway 81 7.5 miles (12.1 km) north-northwest of Malta. The community was named by a railroad surveying party that found a bag labeled "Idahome Flour Co." at the site; the railroad made the place a stop with the flour company's name.”

There isn’t much there, at least not anymore. It appears to be pretty abandoned, but when I was looking around on Google Maps (pictures below) I saw some really nice roads, landscapes, and housing — so I think there are (apparently) some people who still live there.

Season 1 Big Sur And Strawberry Lube GIF By Mom

Not too far away from Idahome, there seems to be a whole cluster of towns in that area (almost exactly halfway between Pocatello and Twin Falls) including, Heyburn, Burley, Rupert, and a bunch of other little towns. So, whoever lives in Idahome at least has some neighbors not too far away.

Now the next time you use the word “Idahome,” you’ll know it comes from an OG little town that actually exists here in Idaho.

Photos of Idahome, Idaho

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