In August 2023, The World Population Review updated the Largest Landowners by State. Did you know that approximately 60% of the land in the United States is privately owned? According to the website, "just a few individuals and families control a significant proportion of this land." 

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The most substantial land holdings in the United States belong to the Emmerson Family, John Malone, the Reed Family, Ted Turner, and the Kroenke Ranch. Leading the list is the Emmerson Family, which has over 2.3 million acres in California, Washington State, and Oregon. 

AZ Animals says that Idaho is the 11th largest state in the country. It is nearly 83,00 square miles, equal to over 50,000,000 total acres. Mark Twain once said, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." If you have the opportunity to own land, as you'll see on this list, it's not a bad thing to add to your portfolio as a business owner or investor. 

The Emmerson Family owns no land in Idaho, so who owns the most land in Idaho? Here are the Top 8 biggest landowners in Idaho. Ranging from people to churches. 

Top 8 Largest Landowners In Idaho

*Disclaimer: Different websites show each entity owning a different amount of land but ranked the same. The Top 3 are consistent across multiple websites, with The Top 10 largest landowners list coming from


Since we are on the topic of land in Idaho, do you know the crop Idaho produces the most? Here's a hint: It's not potatoes. 

Top 10 Crops that Idaho Produces the Most are Surprising

 Stacker did this farmtastic study showing what states produce the most of what, then they took it even further by showing the monetary correlation with those crops. Let's see what crops make Idaho the most money.

What may come as a big surprise is that the wealthiest person in Idaho is the third largest landowner in Idaho. 

The Richest Billionaire In Idaho And Surrounding States

The richest individual in Idaho and surrounding states.

On a list of the coolest hidden wonders in every U.S. State, do you think Idaho's is worth visiting? You might already know what it is. 

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[WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter private or abandoned property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing.]


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