Is Idaho one of the richest (or poorest) states in the country? What do you think? If you’re thinking what I thought, you’re probably thinking Idaho isn’t necessarily the richest, but also, we’re probably somewhere in the middle compared to every other state — not the poorest either.

But let’s just say I was really surprised to see where Idaho is on the list. Keep scrolling for a complete list of the richest states in America, ranked by GDP per capita 👇

There’s a recent article from World Population Review that shares a list of the richest states in America.

They said, “The state's median household income varies significantly due to the job market, costs of living, and overall economic health. In 2019, the median U.S. household income was $65,712. The District of Columbia had the highest with $92,266, and Mississippi had the lowest with $45,792. Generally, educational attainment correlates with median household incomes.”

Here's a complete list of the richest states in America, ranked by GDP per capita 👇

New York: $83,725

Massachusetts: $82,834

Washington: $79,987

Connecticut: $78,510

California: $78,019

Delaware: $75,835

Illinois: $68,364

Maryland: $68,332

Alaska: $68,308

North Dakota: $67,522

New Jersey: $66,642

Colorado: $66,570

Minnesota: $65,559

Nebraska: $65,255

Virginia: $63,715

Wyoming: $62,123

New Hampshire: $62,112

South Dakota: $61,302

Hawaii: $60,956

Iowa: $60,684

Pennsylvania: $60,362

Kansas: $59,382

Texas: $59,179

Utah: $58,885

Oregon: $58,782

Wisconsin: $58,045

Ohio: $57,666

Georgia: $57,496

North Carolina: $55,943

Indiana   $55,405

Rhode Island: $55,210

Nevada: $55,097

Missouri: $52,656

Tennessee: $52,545

Louisiana: $52,231

Michigan: $51,881

Arizona: $51,797

Vermont : $51,471

Florida: $50,332

Maine: $49,02

New Mexico: $47,331

Montana: $47,076

South Carolina: $47,052

Kentucky: $46,96

Oklahoma: $46,71

Idaho: $45,184

Alabama: $44,954

Arkansas: $43,129

West Virginia: $41,816

Mississippi: $39,154

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