Is the "Great Resignation" happening in Idaho?

Anthony Klotz, a management professor at the University College London, coined the term "Great Resignation" and it could be making its way through Idaho. A recent study that was conducted by Wallethub shows that millions of people are quitting across the country and have pointed out why.

Burnout is a major reason why employees are leaving jobs "often as a result of an unsustainable workload, lack of opportunity for advancement, and poor leadership are all reasons why employees resign".

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

As a result of Covid-19 and remote job opportunities could that be a reason?

"The COVID-19 pandemic led to more opportunities for people to find another job, often at a significantly higher salary in many industries. Finally, the pandemic led some to reevaluate how their values aligned with their work, whether that related to an organization’s mission or to the degree to which employees viewed work as central to other aspects of life, such as family or other interests", says Anthony Klotz.

Where does Idaho compare to the other states?

Comparatively where Idaho and the state that highest the highest resignation rate is only 1.90% which isn't that big of a difference. The top state with the highest resignation rate is Alaska with 4.50 % and the state with the lowest is New York with 1.30%. So where does that leave Idaho? Idaho is ranked 18th with a resignation rate of 2.60% in the month of December and has a resignation rate of 3.25 in the last 12 months which ranks it 16th.

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