Coffee shops in Boise? There's probably an immeasurable amount of them, as there are loads of options all throughout Boise and the surrounding areas — which I think most people would say is a great thing! Having a lot of coffee shops allows for quality, variety, and for each of us to have our own "favorites."

But how do you pick ONE favorite or the best overall?

I didn't think it would be possible to pick a “best” coffee shop in Boise, but Family Vacations U.S. managed to do just that! They shared in a recent article their best coffee picks for each state, saying...

"We compiled a list of local coffee shops from each of the 50 states. Stay caffeinated out there! If your favorite place didn’t make the list let us know and we’ll be sure to add it! (I tried to find the most kid-friendly suggestions too!)" So, who did they choose for Idaho?!

Big City Coffee in Boise.

Big City Coffee & Cafe | Picasa
Big City Coffee & Cafe | Picasa

They’re located in downtown Boise in the Linen District between 15th & 16th on Grove Street, and their website says...

“Big City is simply a labor of love. Our humble roots began 21 years ago in a small shop in West Boise, before moving to the Linen District in 2006. Since our opening, we have been happily brewing coffee, baking pastries, and serving farm-inspired breakfast and lunch all day, 7 days a week!”

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