What's the worst thing about Idaho? 

In an Instagram post from a social media influencer who shares charts about 100 random things, he asked his followers, "What is the worst thing about your state?"  

For example, he shared this one, and once you look at it, you will think it's spot on. 

Check out the most annoying animals in every state. 

The most annoying animal in Idaho is the Canadian Geese. Correct! 


The most recent chart that he shared on Instagram was "The Worst Thing About Every State." Since his followers were right about "The Most Annoying Animal In Every State," were they right again? Before you see the worst thing about Idaho, some of the other states included Mormons in Utah, Taxes in Washington, it's too expensive in California, people don't exist in Montana, and it's too expensive in Oregon.

The worst thing about Idaho? 

A) It's Too Expensive B) Too Many Transplants.  If you guessed "too many transplants," you guessed correctly. Unless you're from Idaho, then people in the comment section seemed to be very confused over "too many transplants."


For those who are from Idaho and have been here for some time, here's how they responded. You can see all of  "The Worst Thing About Every State," just keep reading. 

The Internet Responds To Worst Thing About Idaho

After Mattsurelee shared his chart after asking his followers what was the worst thing about every state, this is how people responded about Idaho having "Too many transplants."


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