How on earth would someone be able to find the single BEST or most popular family recipe in all of Idaho? That seems like such a bold claim, right?

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But we've gotta know what the heck it is!

There’s an article from FamilyMinded that features the best and most popular family recipes in every state, and I was interested in finding out what they said about Idaho (I bet it has something to do with potatoes).

The article says, “From coast to coast, we know and love our home-state foods for so many reasons. There’s comfort in those familiar tastes and smells. But, apart from being tasty, they also define the culture in which we were raised.”

Yep... definitely something to do with potatoes.

Idaho’s best and most popular family recipe is...

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Tater Tots

FamilyMinded gathered the most-loved food recipes from Idaho that have been shared from family to family for generations, and here’s what they have to report about Idaho...

“Potato recipes in Idaho are rampant! But the people in the potato state really love their tots, and they take them seriously, too. You can put them in a casserole, turn them into nachos or eat them plain. No matter what, you’ll be satisfied with whatever tots you taste in Idaho.”

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