Daylight Savings Time begins next week, and I think most of us Idahoans are extremely excited about this — who doesn't love more sun and longer days for more fun?

I know making daylight savings a permanent thing has been a conversation for 114 years now, and it's becoming an increasingly popular topic year after year. My personal opinion is that would be awesome, and I think we're closest we've ever been to maybe finally making that happen.

Keep scrolling for the best pros in Idaho for daylight savings time 👇

Last year around this time, The Hill said...

“The Senate on Tuesday approved a proposal to make daylight saving time permanent, which if passed in the House and signed by President Biden, would mean Americans would never again have to set their clocks back an hour and lose an hour of afternoon daylight in the fall and winter.”

Here are two of my personal favorite benefits to daylight savings time...

1. Idaho has the best outdoor everything, and more daylight means more taking advantage of those things. Whether you’re jogging or camping, or simply enjoying the parks, restaurants, mountains, hills, rivers, valleys, and canyons etc.

2. Supporting local! More light in the day means more Idahoans shopping or going out after work, which also means a huge increase in sales across the board. Put simply, consumer spending boosts our local economy.

There are so many benefits to this, especially in Idaho, so we wanted to list the top 5 👇

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