Ugh. Paying for groceries is sometimes the worst feeling! Only thing that I can think of that might compare is buying gas, maybe? What makes it even worse is having to pay for the tax, too. And, Idaho is apparently one of the last states in the country to still be taxing groceries — and has one of the highest sales tax.

There's a recent article from Cheapism that shares more about this, and they said...

"Food is expensive enough as it is, thanks to rampant inflation. However, for residents of several states, rising prices aren’t the only worry, because they’re still stuck paying some sort of state sales taxes on their groceries. These often-controversial taxes are hotly debated, with critics saying they're especially unfair for low-income residents, and some states are now considering temporary reductions or grocery-tax holidays."

According to their list of 13 states, Utah and Idaho are both two of the last, and highest-taxed states in America that are still taxing groceries. So, what is the sales tax in Utah? 👇

Utah: 3%

Cheapism said, "In Utah, groceries are subject to a 3% sales tax, which is a combination of a reduced 1.75% state sales tax and local taxes of 1.25%. Alcohol and many prepared foods are taxed at the full 4.85% state sales tax rate, plus local taxes."

Cheapism | AndreyKrav | istockphoto
Cheapism | AndreyKrav | istockphoto

Idaho: 6%

Cheapism said, "Buy groceries in Idaho, and you’ll be smacked with the full 6% state sales tax. A grocery tax credit averaging roughly $100 per person offers a bit of relief."

Cheapism | vkbhat | istockphoto
Cheapism | vkbhat | istockphoto

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