Shayla Monnier has struck a chord with many on TikTok as she shares her heartfelt story about relocating from Idaho to California. In her latest viral video, Shayla elaborates on how this move has positively impacted her life and why she's glad they made the change.

In the video, Shayla provides an intimate look into her new Californian lifestyle, which contrasts sharply with her life in Idaho. Shayla "lived in the Boise area for 20 plus years and on a whim just decided to move to Northern ish California 5 months ago, and we love it." She talks about the vibrant opportunities that California offers, from its bustling cities brimming with diverse cultures to its picturesque coastal views.

She continues with, "Filed our taxes, we're not crying. Paid our utilities, still not crying, pay for my gas, still not crying."

Shayla also touches on the welcoming community she's found in California. They found a church that they love, and she also compared the pay comparison in California to was better than the pay compared to the cost of living in Idaho.

She also told all the California haters, "I'm so sorry to tell you that we didn't end up hating it." Shayla said she would have an update in a couple of months and then again in a year. She ended her TikTok with "California forever."

I don't think there should be hating on her decision. It's her life, and she can live where she wants with her family. We only get one shot at this thing called life. Wouldn't you want to do whatever makes you happy?!


@shaylamonnier California forever, goodbye 👋🏼 #california #californiaforever #idaho #move #nurse ♬ original sound - Shay-la ⭐️

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