Idahoans Answer: "When is it Appropriate to Turn on Your Christmas Lights?" Are you a bad neighbor if your Christmas lights are already on and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet? Or, what if it’s Christmas Eve and your lights still aren’t even up yet?

I guess either way you’re a bad neighbor... just kidding! But let’s find out what you think. We asked you in a Facebook post for your answers — keep scrolling for your amazing responses 👇

According to Christmas Designers, “Traditionally, Thanksgiving weekend has been the unofficial start of the Christmas decorating season and many people light everything up even later, using December 1st as their target date. But recently we've seen more and more people begin to break tradition and choose to light up a bit earlier.”

I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in “breaking the tradition” as well, and not just with Christmas lights on our homes, but with movies, music, decorations, making goodies, and the popular debate of when it’s appropriate to put up out Christmas trees, too.

It’s funny to see the difference in debates between Christmas lights and Christmas trees, because oddly enough, people are arguing totally different times. A lot of people think Christmas trees on (or the day after) Halloween and Christmas lights on (or the day after) Thanksgiving.

It was really fun reading your responses specifically about when it’s appropriate to turn on your house Christmas lights, and from the looks of it, the general consensus is “whenever you want to” or any time on or after Thanksgiving. Keep scrolling for a list of your responses 👇

When is it Appropriate to Turn on Your Christmas Lights in Idaho?

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