You wouldn't know it, but it appears that Idahoans and most of the country have forgotten about America's most important holiday, Thanksgiving. America's first holiday celebrating a simple meal between two diverse groups resulted in what would become the United States of America one day.

The Pilgrims and Native Americans are out while Santa, the reindeer, Christmas music, and decorations are in, and it's only November? Americans have now been conditioned to go from dressing up in scary costumes to putting up their Christmas decorations. Stores are playing music about snow, frosty the snowman, and It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas,' and we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving?

The English had already failed to create a New World colony known as the 'Lost Colony of Roanoke.' We still do not know what happened to those English colonists who disappeared. Thankfully the three-day 'Thanksgiving' forged a path of friendship that became the foundation for our great country, the United States of America.

Although most Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, the most traveled week of the year, few will take the time to appreciate its significance.

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