Dear Ammon,

I appreciate your letter and your kind words. I consider you a friend and a patriot. Whether we agree on everything or not, your courage to sacrifice your liberties for the betterment of others cannot be questioned.

You are indeed someone who walks the walk in today's polarized cancel culture world.

I assure you that my only agenda is to provide a forum where all views are discussed civilly. The show isn't for everyone as we do not have an abundance of guests as; we'd instead let the folks speak their minds. I don't believe that if you asked Governor Little if I favored him, he'd agree with that statement. He hasn't been on the show for at least a year and possibly two years. I don't blame him because most folks who call in tend to favor you or other conservatives.  

I'm not your political director, but I believe that Idahoans want to hear a plan from their candidate on how to govern. I don't know if continuing to bring up the pandemic issues is a winner. You and others know better than me; that issue still is in the minds of Idaho voters. 

I didn't mention your name on the air because we're not looking to create something at your expense. I referenced an anonymous individual, and I have asked openly on the air where you've been campaigning. I suggested that your campaign is shadow banned because I haven't seen the amount of content on social media during the primary.  

Politics and the media are quirky businesses; one minute you are a friend, and the next minute, you're not; I'd rather keep a friend than sacrifice a relationship at your expense.  The irony of my letter in response to yours is that the media guy was trying to keep this out of the media!

I look forward to hearing from you on KIDO Talk Radio.

God Bless, and Keep The Faith,


You can read Mr. Bundy's letter to me here. 

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