I'm sure you know many phrases describe progress. We must move forward, or we'll be left in the dust, which could be one of them. We've been the only outlet that has been critical of the rapid building that has replaced our precious farmland with another cookie-cutter subdivision.

An out-of-state company is proposing to build another apartment development that would wipe out a Boise diner that has served the area for years and years. Elmer's Diner, currently located at Capitol Boulevard, is in the cross hairs of these developers. A five-story apartment complex would replace the restaurant, reports the Idaho Statesman.

Check Out an Inside Look At Elmer's Restaurant

Why you need to go there right now!

A Boise Housing Shortage?

The company tells the publication that there is a housing shortage around Boise State University. (Just what we all need, more high-density property.) The deal is not done yet, as the plan will have to be approved next week during a meeting at Boise City Hall with the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Are we against progress? Of course not; however, if we do not respect traditions, big and small, like Elmer's, we'll have nothing. Without local institutions, the state will be nothing more than a reflection of national chains and uninspiring massive box-like structures. Last week another local restaurant, the Pizza Pie Cafe, announced it would be closing its doors after over seven years of service to our area.

Elmer's pledges that they will move to another location if the project is approved. We will take them at their word on their commitment to our area. Or could we just once keep a Boise tradition?

What do you think?  Should Elmer's stay or are you ready for more apartments?

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