The fallout over the children dressed up in drag continues as Idaho's Catholic Bishop Peter Christensen has asked Saint Alphonsus to pull their sponsorship of Gay Pride Fest Weekend. The bishop left no doubt in a written statement published by the Diocese of Boise.

The bishop and the church revealed that they've received several complaints wondering why a Catholic hospital would sponsor a festival that is in conflict with values of the Catholic Church.

Bishop Christensen stated, “We oppose the messages promoted through events like the ‘Drag Story Time’ and ‘Drag Kids’ for obvious reasons, particularly the exploitation of children and young adults,” the Bishop stated.

Pride Loses Another Sponsor

Multiple media reports report that Idaho Power has pulled their sponsorship of Pride Fest.

Zions Bank was the first major sponsor to cancel their support of the event followed by Idaho Health and Welfare.  The Idaho Republican Party has raised attention of certain segments of the festival including a kids drag show and drag story time.

Is is over?

Idaho Republican Chairwoman Dorothy Moon told us today that there that drag story time is still scheduled for this Sunday.  She continues to encourage folks to contact sponsors sharing their disapproval of drag queens reading to minors. Boise Pride announced last night that the children's drag show had been postponed.

    Another sponsor says goodbye to Pride Fest.    



The Idaho Liberty Dogs will be at the Boise Pride Fest on Sunday demonstrating their views at the event.  We'll continue to update this story as it develops.

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