Welcome to the new world of college football, Boise State fans. The outside world of college football experts has begun their predictions on who will replace Andy Avalos. We're not going to attempt to fool you by pretending we know anything more than you do. Remember it was the national media, not the local one, that broke the story of the dismissal of Coach Avalos.

We'll briefly go over a few of the most well know contenders.


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 We don't believe Coach Harsin would return. The coach was right when he questioned the university's commitment to the football program. The challenge with bringing him back is that his emails were leaked to the public, leaving a return a lousy optic for the current university leadership.


YouTube/ Los Angeles Chargers
YouTube/ Los Angeles Chargers

Kellen Moore is everyone's favorite choice. However, Boise State missed their chance on him when they hired Andy Avalos. Coach Moore could be the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. He has no ties to the folks who succeeded the administration in Boise when he was a player.



Chris Petersen is an enigma. The college football savant who got away will not be coming back to Boise. He is giving speeches and continues to impress the brass at Fox Sports for his performance during the halftime of their college football games.

A quick look at the legacy of Boise State Coaches

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A list of some of the most successful and famous Boise State head football coaches.


Boise State's Newest Football Coach Has to Have These 5 Qualities

Offensive background.

The Avalos Era taught Bronco Nation that fans want an offensive genius—someone who has run a proven system that will put points on the scoreboard. The program's most successful coaches have been from the offensive line of scrimmage.

Head Coaching Experience.

Boise State cannot afford to hire someone who needs on-the-job training. The standards demand the team win the Mountain West and challenge for a New Year's Six spot yearly. It's been years since the team won the Mountain West title.

Media Friendly

The media is not your friend, but Coach Avalos didn't adjust to the Boise Media until he was in trouble. A head coach doesn't have to be friends with the media but should be media friendly. Humor goes a long way toward positive media coverage.


Chris Petersen set the standard here on the field and off the field. Years ago, the coach participated in the 'Beat Pete' fun run for charity. The coach, who bristled at the media, embraced his role during the run, joshing back and forth with fans who wanted to beat him. What other high-profile successful college football coach matched his community outreach?


Back to Chris Petersen, the team did a live weekly radio show from a sports bar during his time at Boise State. The live show ended during the Harsin and Avalos Administrations and was replaced by taped shows in a studio. If Nick Saban can do a live coaches show where the fans ask him questions, the next Boise State coach should do so. Let the fans interact with their coach and embrace the program.

Boise State's Potential Coaching Hires

Here's a look at some names that you can expect to fly around as the next hire for Boise State's football program. The last name is a clear favorite...

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Passionate and Loud Reactions to Andy Avalos' Firing

It did not take long for Boise State fans and critics alike to chime in on the dismissal of head football coach Andy Avalos

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