California was a one time the most envied state in America. Every young person at one time in their lives had dreams of moving to the Golden State and living their dream. California is not on the East Coast, but you wouldn't know it by a recent proposal circulating in Los Angeles and other major cities throughout the state.

Idahoans know all about Californians as folks in the Gem State see more California plates than Idaho plates in some local neighborhoods. California has seen a mass exodus of its residents to states like Idaho, Nevada, and Texas.

California Looks To Outlaw These Rodeo Events

A look rodeo events that we all love in Idaho.

Several folks tell us that high taxes, insane liberal policies, rising crime, illegal immigration, and other issues have caused them to leave Californian. The values of California's political leaders do not match their values. Cowboys are still alive in the western state; however, if some lawmakers get their way, rodeos may be outlawed in California. 

Yahoo News reported that Los Angeles is considering banning rodeo 'accessories like spurs, spurs, flank straps, and electric prods — that can cause pain or injury.' Other cities have banned mutton busting, cow milking, and other western events.

The move to limit or eliminate rodeos is a showdown between folks who identify and champion western culture and folks who believe that those events are cruel and inhumane to animals.

Unlike California, Idaho doesn't ban rodeos. The Gem State is filled with rodeo every summer. It is not unusual for a county to have several rodeos that highlight western values and traditions. Our area is home to two of the country's most popular rodeos the Snake River Stampede in Nampa and the Caldwell Night Rodeo in Caldwell.

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