Idaho, the Gem State, is making a solid case for itself as the best state for Conservatives in America to call home. During the pandemic, it became one of the most sought-after states to relocate to. Thousands of Americans, who could keep their jobs by working remotely, found a new home in Idaho, or as we affectionately call it, 'Idahome. ' 

The Idaho housing market, once a runaway train, has now slowed down, presenting a unique opportunity. Despite the significant increase in interest rates, Idaho remains an affordable option for West Coast Conservatives seeking shared values and a love for America, not hate. A recent report from Fox News confirms that Idaho is now the prime destination for such individuals.

Fox News profiles several new Idahoans in a new digital article. Unfortunately, the Fox reporter profiled North Idaho and not our Treasure Valley. One local mayor revealed that most new people from California, Washington, and Oregon are moving to Idaho. 

Protests, lack of support for law enforcement, and escalating energy costs are a few of the reasons West Coast Americans are moving to the Gem State. One new Idahoan tells Fox News that in his old state if you wanted to transition your kid to another gender, you were part of the in-crowd; however, if you questioned wearing a mask. 

North Idaho, like every part of the Gem State, is not without its challenges. The laws of supply and demand have led to an increase in Idaho housing prices. The area is working hard to accommodate the influx of new residents, with efforts to build new roads, schools, homes, and bridges. Despite these challenges, Idaho's commitment to growth and development remains strong, making it a promising destination for conservatives.

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