We're only a few days away from Santa's big run, and everyone is a kid when Santa comes to town. Whether we're kids or kids at heart, everyone has a favorite story about the big guy. The big guy is Santa, not Joe Biden. We had an opportunity to ask you to share your favorite Santa stories with us. We've selected the best of the best to share with you right before Santa loads up his sleigh.

History of Santa Claus

Santa's origin begins with the real-life monk who became Saint Nicholas. Experts say that he was born around 280 AD in what is today the country of Turkey. He was known to help others by giving away his immense wealth to the poor. History reports that he saved three sisters from slavery by giving their father a dowry so they could be married.

Idaho Santa Stories

Melody: We were waiting in line at mall to see Santa when Mary Katherine was about a year & a half old. The line took forever & she was running all over the place, so Chris put her on his shoulders while we waited. We were on deck to see Santa when she decided to throw up Chris’s head & all I could do was laugh instead of help at first. Chris was thrilled. Had to pose for the family picture with Santa seconds later. Was not pretty

Jeff: 5 years ago when everyone was waiting in line to see Santa at Cabela's I walked my 5 month old Luke, a chocolate Labrador, down the line to love on kids and parents while they were waiting. Lots of happiness.

Mateo: Mine involves a recent visit to the mall

Santa Story for Adults Only

David: This story is not for ears who still believe.

I thought my dad, a UP Rail Road engineer, always had to work when late at night Santa came to our house. We would have to go to bed, then after Santa arrived we hurried in by the Christmas tree to have him give us our presents.
I didn't find what my Dad was doing or why he was never there with the special time wth Santa and the family. It took many years to forgive my older sister when she showed me where the Santa Claus costume was hidden in the highest cabinet above the hall closet where those who looked forward to Christmas would never find it.
I finally put the Santa mystery, the Santa costume and my hard working Dad's Christmas story quite until my younger brother discovered the Santa story for himself.

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